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Bradley Rainbowface Cracktastic Jones: 'Glee': Romance for Finn, a Valentine's Wedding, Sam and Brittany Backlash and More Teasers


Finn will continue to lead New Directions but it’s a romance that will help play a role in his future, Glee executive producer Dante Di Loreto told reporters Wednesday during a visit to the Fox musical’s Hollywood set.

During a Q&A with critics to help close out…


Interview: Chris Colfer Talks Writing & Starring in STRUCK BY LIGHTNING


Chris Colfer is not a man who wastes time resting on his laurels. In the past four years, we’ve seen him sing and dance on Glee, win a Golden Globe® and two Teen Choice Awards, and become a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author thanks to his young adult novel, The Land of Stories.

And that’s not all. Colfer also managed to find the time to write a screenplay and star in the resulting film: Struck By Lightning.

Directed by Brian Dannelly (Saved!), Struck By Lightning stars Colfer, Allison JanneyRebel WilsonSarah HylandDermot MulroneyChristina Hendricks, and Polly Bergen, with supporting performances by Allie GrantAshley RickardsCarter JenkinsGraham RogersMatt ProkopRobbie AmellRoberto AguireAngela Kinsey, and Brad William Henke.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chris Colfer about writing Struck By Lightning and the experience of bringing his words to life on the silver screen.

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